CMP Manufacturing offers you a prompt, reliable service so you can be confident in doing business with us. We have access to multiple transport fleets ensuring your goods reach you undamaged and on time.

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Mobile Mills

Our mobile plants are self-sufficient and consist of two trailers per mill that have the ability to be relocated for larger projects. With a reduction in transport costs and for large diameter culvert pipes, increased savings are able to be achieved as the need for freight that would usually require expensive oversized transport is eliminated.

CMP Manufacturing is able to relocate to any location throughout Australia.

CMP Manufacturing’s mills have the ability to produce corrugated metal pipe in a variety of diameters ranging between 300mm to 7600mm.

Four different corrugation profiles are available with material thicknesses between 1.6mm and 4.2mm, we can tailor our offering direct to the customer’s project specific requirements guaranteeing product & services of the highest quality.


Our corrugated metal pipes are fabricated in accordance with — Australian Standard AS 2041.4:2010 for Buried Corrugated Metal Structures.

Our company prides itself in the staff and years of experience within the spiral pipe industry. We have the ability, enthusiasm & drive to undertake a wide range of projects including but not limited to drainage culverts, pier liners, stormwater retention systems, access tunnels and concrete bridge voids. CMP takes pride in providing a safe work environment for the consumer and employees. Through continually implementing development programs, CMP Manufacturing is able to ensure our staff are highly trained and will always deliver the finest quality product.


CMP Manufacturing can fabricate fittings and joiners to suit all of your corrugated pipe needs in a range of materials, thicknesses and types depending on diameter and purpose. Special fittings such as Bends, Tee  Pieces and Half Round Pipe for use as drainage troughs are all manufactured at either of our two manufacturing facilities to your specifications.


CMP can manufacture a range of corrugated metal pipes with a variety of corrugation profiles, wall thicknesses and material.

Profile: CMP Manufacturing’s mobile mill can produce four diverse corrugations for our corrugated metal pipe (refer to ‘Figure 1’). We are also able to manufacture a range of other corrugated lock seam fittings and spiral welded products in our New South Wales and Queensland facilities.

Wall thickness: CMP Manufacturing is able to fabricate pipe and fittings in numerous diameters from 300 to 7600 diameter.
Our thickness range is 1.6mm to 4.2mm. For more information please refer to size chart.

Material: CMP offers a variety of materials and coatings to suit your application. Standard CMP culvert pipe is made from Galvanised steel with a coating of Z600 as per the Australian Standard AS 2041.4:2010 for buried corrugated metal structures. For corrosive environments we offer Aluminised Type 2 coated steel or Aluminium 3004. Polymer Laminated Galvanised Steel is available offering over 100 years’ service life for harsh environments.

Figure 1 –

Size Chart

CMP Manufacturing’s mill has the ability to produce corrugated metal pipe in a variety of diameters ranging from 300mm to 7600mm. With four different corrugation profiles available with material thickness ranging between 1.6mm and 4.2mm all corrugated pipe is produced to the Australian Standard AS 2041.4:2010 for buried corrugated metal structures